Forthcoming Elections


Above: Not all the activists on duty at Iver & Richings Park on 30th Nov were workmen!

EU Elections

UKIP potential MEPs for the South East Region are:

  • Nigel Farage
  • Janice Atkinson
  • Diane James
  • Ray Finch
  • Donna Edmunds
  • Patricia Culligan
  • Nigel Jones
  • Alan Stevens
  • Simon Strutt
  • Barry Cooper

European elections are held by proportional representation, on a 'closed list' basis. This means that the votes are all cast for the party, the name on the ballot paper being 'UKIP'. The Party has now announced the list of people for each region who will take up the places won in that region. The candidates for the SE Region are listed above in the order in which they will be selected eg Nigel Farage (1st), Janice Atkinson (2nd) etc.

By-election result

A remarkable result for UKIP in the Iver & Richings Park by-election for a seat on South Bucks District Council. It reflects the extraordinary progress being made by UKIP nationally. Ken Wight, UKIP's candidate missed first place by just 46 votes. The full result:

  • Conservative:  47% (422 votes)
  • UKIP: 42% (377 votes)
  • Lib Dem: 11% (101 votes)

These were the percentages in 2011 when all 3 Iver & Richings Park seats were contested without UKIP's presence:

  • Conservative: 59%
  • Lib Dem: 41%)

That's a swing from Conservative to UKIP of 12% and from Lib Dem to UKIP of 30%. The figures confirm Nigel Farage's contention that UKIP takes votes from all the major parties.

Thanks go to all those volunteers who turned up in large numbers to leaflet and canvass.


Above: On the campaign trail


Above: Relaxing after a hard day's canvassing: Thumbs-up from Jag on his birthday.


District Council seats up for election on 7 May 2015

South Bucks District Council

  • Beaconsfield North
  • Beaconsfield South
  • Beaconsfield West
  • Burnham Beeches
  • Burnham Church
  • Burnham Lent Rise
  • Denham North
  • Denham South
  • Dorney and Burnham South
  • Farnham Royal
  • Gerrards Cross East and Denham South West
  • Gerrards Cross North
  • Gerrards Cross South
  • Hedgerley and Fulmer
  • Iver Heath
  • Iver Village and Richings Park
  • Stoke Poges
  • Taplow
  • Wexham and Iver West

Wycombe District Council

  • Bourne End-cum-Hedsor
  • Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow
  • Marlow North and West
  • Marlow South East
  • The Wooburns

General Election, 7 May 2015
Tim Scott is the UKIP candidate