The British People deserve better

Tim Scott - frontTim Scott took Ukip from fourth to second place in the Beaconsfield Constituency with an 8.8% increase in share of the vote in the Parliamentary election. We are now one of 120 parliamentary constituencies with Ukip in second place.

Nationally Ukip got more votes than the SNP and Lib Dems combined yet we were rewarded with just 1 MP against their combined 64. UK is no longer the world's model of democracy. The Palace of Westminster is crumbling and without the expenditure of £billions on its fabric it will fall to the ground. This decaying edifice contains 2 archaic and increasingly insignificant institutions - the Houses of Commons and Lords, staffed by people of dubious legitimacy: the former "elected" via an archaic electoral system incapable of reflecting the views and interests of the people; and the latter "anointed" by grateful old parties in return for donations of money. The British People deserve better. Sunday express reports an affront to democracy.

630px-tim-nigel.jpgOn the campaign trail through the streets of South Bucks