Elections on 7th May

Voters will be called to the ballot boxes throughout Beaconsfield (South Bucks) Parliamentary Constituency to vote in 3 elections:

  1. Parliament
  2. District Councils
  3. Parish/Town Councils

There are two district councils in our constituency:

  1. South Bucks District Council in the east
  2. Wycombe District Council in the west

Go to this page for further information about councils. At the heart of Ukip's campaign we want to amalgamate all Buckinghamshire's district and county councils together under the umbrella of a single unitary authority for greater efficiency and for annual £20m savings on administration.

For further information on the campaign in any town or ward go to branches and select from the menu on the left.


630px-tim-nigel.jpgCars and trailers about to take to the streets of South Bucks