Beaconsfield Town Council By-election 14th August

Paul Dreelan: Election Statement

Please vote for me on Thursday 14th August and I will be a strong, independent voice for Beaconsfield. I have lived in Buckinghamshire all my life and in Maxwell Road for the last 4 years.

I care passionately about people and the community, working as I do in the charity field. My wife, Samantha, and I have been youth leaders for over 20 years, and continue to support youngsters both in Beaconsfield and Denham, where we used to live.

  • Vote for me on Thursday August 14 and I will….
  • Work tirelessly for the community
  • Protect the Green Belt from development
  • Oppose HS2 – this project will wreck Beaconsfield with construction lorries thundering through the town for years.
  • Fight to repair the pavements and cut back encroaching tree roots
  • Fight for money for local services
  • Lobby district and county councils to act in your interests.

Unlike candidates from the three old parties, UKIP councillors are not tied to the party line. We can always act in the best interests of our constituents. How many times have you made a complaint, or raised a concern, only to be met by 'buck-passing' or indifference from local councillors, terrified to say something that would irritate their central-party or local government political group? This is not democracy: this is arrogant complacency. I will be a true public servant, listening to local concerns and acting upon them.

Graham Smith: Election Statement

'I'm not standing for office, I'm standing up for you!'

UKIP is a different type of party whose time has come.

As a former Mayor of Beaconsfield, I was in a political party more interested in itself than the people of Beaconsfield. People who know me will tell you that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I will be a truly independent voice and I will speak up for all sectors of the community, especially for the very young and the very old members of our town. I will not be afraid of making waves if that is what it takes to get things done - no cosying up to party apparatchiks, just action, plain and simple.

My wife, Samantha and I have lived in Beaconsfield for over 20 years and care passionately about the town and South Bucks. We have raised our three children and they all attend local schools. Currently, South Bucks pays the most council tax but it all goes north of Aylesbury - enough! We should work together to get our fair share of resources in terms of better roads, schools, and infrastructure, don't you agree?

If you feel the same as me then all you have to do is put an 'X' by my name. Plus, we will

  • oppose HS2
  • cut local government bureaucracy
  • focus on the community not a political career
  • instigate better sports facilities for our youngsters
  • make Beaconsfield a safer, more attractive place for shopping
  • take an axe to car parking stealth taxes

Time to stop talking and time to take action - vote UKIP on 14th August.

630px-tim-nigel.jpgCars and trailers about to take to the streets of South Bucks

EU Elections

In South East Region Ukip won 4 of the 10 available seats and the following now sit as MEPs:

  • Nigel Farage
  • Janice Atkinson
  • Diane James
  • Ray Finch

District Council seats up for election on 7 May 2015

South Bucks District Council

Beaconsfield North; Beaconsfield South; Beaconsfield West; Burnham Beeches; Burnham Church; Burnham Lent Rise; Denham North; Denham South; Dorney and Burnham South; Farnham Royal; Gerrards Cross East and Denham South West; Gerrards Cross North; Gerrards Cross South; Hedgerley and Fulmer; Iver Heath; Iver Village and Richings Park; Stoke Poges; Taplow; Wexham and Iver West

Wycombe District Council

Bourne End-cum-Hedsor; Flackwell Heath and Little Marlow; Marlow North and West; Marlow South East; The Wooburns

General Election, 7 May 2015
Tim Scott is the UKIP candidate